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Life Time Factory Backed Warranty

!We provide a Life Time Factory Backed warranty on our Pocket Spring Range of Mattresses

Warranty Period for all other Products  will be stated on the Description page.

The Warranty Covers you from Faulty Components.

The warranty covers excessive body imprints only. In the general course of use, if you find the body imprint you have left on the mattress is larger than 30mm deep then we will assess it as a warranty case.

The warranty is void in the case of incorrect bed base use. Please see section about ‘what bases will void the warranty’ below.

The warranty does not cover:

Normal body impression. A mattress has a break in period where it will conform to your body's natural contours and weight. Essentially individualising itself to you. Up to and including 30mm is perfectly normal and is not covered under the warranty

Changes in firmness preference. If over the course of use you find you are not sleeping well due to a firmness or feel issue, this is not covered under the warranty.

General wear and tear

Damage arising from shifting or moving the mattress. E.g. if you tear or rip any of the seams while rotating the mattress, changing the sheets or moving it in general.

Damage arising from abnormal use, or abuse

Odour (some of the materials used have a natural odour)

Sheet fit

Soiled mattresses

Minor manufacturing anomalies e.g. a small tear that can be fixed with minor hand sewing

How our warranty process works:

In order to assess warranty issues Melbourne Mattress Factory requires you to take photos of the issue at hand. As we are an online provider across the globe it is not possible for us to make any house calls to assess issues.

We do provide you with instructions of the photos required for our assessment. This process can take up to 30 minutes of your time.

Please note we will not assess any claims unless the photography process is followed clearly and exactly.

Please note that the warranty is non-transferrable.

What action we take:

For us to assess a warranty claim the entire mattress has to have sagged more than 30mm.

Once this condition has been meet, we assess each layer in the mattress to determine which has caused the issue. In general, we will replace any layers (at our cost) that have sagged more than their given tolerance. Our mattress is 300mm tall, 30mm is 10% of the height of the mattress. We add a tolerance towards in the customers benefit so any layers have sagged more than 8% of their original height will be replaced.

Note that warranty fixes will not return the mattress to the same condition they were when they were brand new. But will return it to a condition that is suitable for the time used since purchase.

My mattress has been assessed and it’s not a warranty case, but I am still not happy!?

We understand that things can change with sleeping preferences over the years. We also understand that the first few years of a mattress are going to give you peak performance.

Over the years there are many things out of our control that can change the actual feel or the perceived feel. Your body itself can change and what you once enjoyed you will not any more.

The best and easiest step to get peak performance out of your mattress is to make sure you rotate it regularly. The other thing you can do on a half-yearly or yearly basis is take the foams out of the mattress and leave them on their side to recover, this will help fluff up the foams again.

If you want to make significant changes to the firmness and feel you can repurchase any of the layers within in the mattress directly from us.

What bases void the warranty?

Our mattress is designed to work on any firm flat surface. Sprung bases, adjustable bed bases as well as any base that does not adequately support the mattress will void the warranty.

The mattress should be strongly supported in both the width and length directions. Adequate support means the mattress should not sag, bow or bend under the weight of the individuals sleeping on it and the weight of the mattress itself.

You will need to ensure that there is grounded support for the mattress throughout the middle of the mattress and not just the edges so that the mattress is adequately supported.




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